Disease-oriented Nutrition



GP consultation (Only five)

Connect with our highly specialized panel to get treatment, prevention, and cures for a wide range of physical and mental problems.


Nutritionist (Only ten)

Be 1-1 with our nutritionists’ panel to get personalized dietary guidelines to manage your lifestyle.


Personalized Diet Plan

Get your customized dietary plan to manage your daily meals to improve your lifestyle and manage your disease.


BMI Calculator

Avail our in-app Body Max Index calculator and consult our nutritionist for guidance.


Do’s & Don’ts Food Chart

A visual guide to help you understand your food choices.


Exercise Plan

Diet and exercise go hand in hand! Get your customized exercise plan and build a healthy lifestyle.


Follow up Session

Avail two follow up sessions every month of Mentor Health’s Nutritionist.


Dietary Management Chart

Isn’t a to-do chart satisfying and comforting to fill in? Our Nutritionist will provide you a daily chart to help you follow your diet and exercise plan.


Psychologist Consultation (Only two per month)

Get 1 on 1 online consultation with Psychologist to get support for the mental distress you are facing.


Stress Management counseling (Only one per month)

We understand that being strong can also be stressful. Get 1 on 1 counseling session with our psychologist to help you climb towards better health and better you.


Specially Assigned Care Manager

Get a dedicated manager for your complete care and wellness.


Discount on Pharmacy

Order through Mentor Health App and get up to 15% discount with home delivery.


Discounts on Labs

Order through Mentor Health App and get up to 30% discount with free blood sample collection from home.



Discount on Multivitamin refill every month by Mentor health Consultants.


Pharmacist helpline

A helpline to address all your queries regarding medications.


Personalized wellness survey

Get yourself assessed by our highly professional panel of doctors for complete wellness and improvement of lifestyle.


Discount deals

Get up to 7000+ free buy one get one free health and lifestyle vouchers.