Diabetic Premium




Unlimited GP consultation

Get instant consultation with your doctor to get treatment, know prevention and work together for your cure.

Diabetologist referral

Want a specialist to assist you? We will bring the diabetes specialist to you!

Ophthalmologist referral & discount

Need a specialist to get your eye checkup? No worries, we will connect you directly!

Chiropodist referral

Facing trouble with your feet while also managing diabetes? We got a specialist for you to address this too!

Nutritionist consultation

Be 1-1 with our nutritionists’ panel to get personalized dietary guidelines for the management of diabetes.

Psychologist consultation

Get along with us to work together in coping with diabetes mentally.

Stress management video consultation

Don’t stress out, we are here for you! We will help you manage stress through consultations with our highly experienced psychologists.

Personalized diet plan

Get your customized dietary plan to manage your daily meals to improve your lifestyle and manage diabetes.

Assigned care manager

You can have your own dedicated manager for your complete care and wellness.

Discount on labs

Order through Mentor Health App and get up to 30% discount with free blood sample collection from home

Screening labs (HbA1c, FLP, CBC, ESR, Urine DR for microalbuminuria, TFTs, LFT)

Get yourself screened timely through the Mentor Health App to keep a close eye on your health.

Discount on pharmacy with free home delivery

Order through Mentor Health App and get up to 15% discount with home delivery

Diabetes medicines

Get Free Diabetes related medicines according to your needs through our consultant’s prescription.


Get your Glucometer device Free and delivered to your home and refill of strips


Get Free Insulin if required through our Mentor Health App consultant’s prescription.


Free Multivitamin filled by Mentor Health consultants.

Pharmacist helpline

A helpline to address all your queries regarding diabetes medications.

Homecare services

Avail of home care services (Rehabilitation, nursing care, medical equipment) at your doorstep with discount

Personalized wellness survey

Get yourself assessed by our highly professional panel of doctors for complete wellness and improvement of lifestyle

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